Copyright, Dedication, and Acknowledgements

Rainbow ©2017 Morgan Ray Hess

To Michael, my brick wall.

I have many people to thank and express my deepest gratitude for making this work possible. To begin with, I must thank my mother Nikki as well as my friend Kelsie for showing me the light when my world was at its darkest. I must also thank my father Richard, my sister Aiden, and my brothers Warren and Collin for tirelessly being sources of inspiration to me. I thank my mother’s parents Ivo and Barbara for the sense of wonder and creativity I inherited from them, and I thank my father’s mother Coleen for reminding me how complex and wonderful a person can be. I thank my mentors Janet, Steve, and Eric for giving me an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and I thank my cats Puffle, Ellie, and Purr Fur for their unwavering companionship and affection. Lastly, I thank Shelly and Austin for being my friends despite how little I see them. My debts thus all repaid, consider this book dedicated to all of you.

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