All stories are true.

Aaron Maitreya Axe is beautiful, brilliant, and alone in a distant future where religion is forbidden and romantic love is dismissed as an antiquated fantasy of an era of unenlightenment. However, Aaron meets and finds himself falling in love with Cinderella Peterson, a mysterious girl of seemingly-supernatural beauty who is the first real friend he’s ever had.

Cinderella spirits Aaron away from the oppressive, hopeless life he’s always known and shows him the world of the paranormal; a world hidden within our own in which all things are possible and wonders both unimaginably horrific and unspeakably beautiful roam throughout the infinite cosmos of the universe. Cinderella also reveals to Aaron that the Earth is on the brink of succumbing to the forces of darkness, and that the two of them are the only ones who can save it.

Aaron reluctantly joins Cinderella on her crusade to liberate the world from the clutches of evil, and together they embark on a quest across the Earth and through the stars to search for ten ancient artifacts of legendary power, with which they might successfully lead a revolution against the tyrannical rule of the servants of darkness. Along the way, they encounter and are forced to overcome all the obstacles that the princes of despair send to hinder them, including Cinderella’s tragic, secret past; the lords and legions of Hell; and a mysterious foe who may prove to be a greater threat than even the Dark Lord Satan himself.

A tale of horror and humor; of romance and adventure; of courage and despair; of darkness and light.

This is the epic of the universe.

This is Rainbow.

New chapters will be posted periodically.

Table of Contents

Part One

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